As the fall play comes to a close, thespians and audience members alike are left wondering: what’s next? Clue, an fantastical mystery based off of the famous board game, takes the audience on a wild ride following the various deaths of characters.The elaborate set, including a falling chandelier and a balcony high off the ground, takes this already impressive show to a whole new level as the seven main characters run from room to room, comedically attempting to solve this mystery. 

Riding off of the huge success that was Spongebob the Musical from last year, the Grove Theatre enthusiastically threw themselves into rehearsals for 8 weeks before the show began. The laughter and attentiveness of each audience during their 5 shows speaks to the passion and love that each cast member put into the show. At the interest meeting for the spring musical after the closing of Clue, many theater members reflected on the positivity that was shown throughout the process of getting the show together. Remarking at the kindness and non-competitive nature of many of their peers, it is clear that Clue brought many people together.