Come Watch Woodgrove Winter Sports!

Winter sports are well underway, and the season is off to a great start. Every Woodgrove sporting event is packed full of action and needs your help. Throughout the season, our sports teams compete to bring pride to the school. One thing that Woodgrove students can do to help the teams is to come to the games and be loud. “The atmosphere of the gym when the stands are packed is unmatched; it builds up my energy and makes me play harder,” says Senior Basketball player Alec Hughes. When the stands are full, the morale of the home team increases. 

It’s really fun to have your student body and friends there to watch you play.”

— Addie McCullers

High stakes competition between schools is always an exciting part of Woodgrove sports. “We are looking to beat Riverside, and ultimately win the state championship meet!” says Senior Gymnast Erin Collins. Last year three Woodgrove winter teams made it to state competitions: Wrestling, Winter Track, and Girls Basketball. 

Woodgrove Sophomore Basketball player Addie McCullers says, “It’s really fun to have your student body and friends there to watch you play. It keeps the energy up and makes a positive environment.” Tickets are only $7 and information about games can be found on the Woodgrove Athletics website. Attending Woodgrove winter sports is a great way to support the school community and athletics!