Meet Woodgrove’s Class of 2026

The new school year brings new students to Woodgrove. Freshmen are just beginning high school, and have much to look forward to in their two million minutes. Aidan Spahr, Logan Rand, and Kea Paulson, all freshmen, give insight into their involvement, favorite parts, and what they are anticipating in the coming year.


Aidan Spahr

First of these Freshmen, Woodgrove Volleyball Junior Varsity Manager Aidan Spahr, knows how to balance getting involved with his academics: “My goal this year is to get straight A’s by studying really hard because these classes are tougher than I thought.”



Rating his time at Woodgrove so far an eight out of ten, Logan Rand is enjoying the endless possibilities for getting involved. His favorite parts of Woodgrove have been the

Logan Rand

people and teachers. “Everyone here is nice and friendly; it’s just all around a good environment,” explains Rand. He is optimistic about his coming years as a Wolverine and looking forward to “taking the wide variety of classes they offer and also enjoying high school and hanging out with all the friends I will make during my journey here.”

Also enjoying her time with friends in her classes is Kea Paulson. Paulson says, “I’ve gotten really lucky this year because I have a lot of classes with my

Kea Paulson

friends.” With aspirations to succeed academically, Paulson states, “I’m planning on achieving good grades. GPA wasn’t really a big thing in middle school,

but I wanna make sure I keep my grades up.” Not only does she have friends in her classes, she is enjoying her time on the field. “I have been playing field hockey for them [Woodgrove] since a little bit before school started, and I am planning to play lacrosse this spring just for fun.”



While freshmen start their two million minutes, they will find endless opportunities to learn, grow, and as Dr. Shipp reminds us every morning, work, honor, and strive.