The History of the Woodgrove Outlander

The year is 2010. A brand new high school in western Loudoun is just opening, and with this new school comes a fresh newspaper entitled The Woodgrove Outlander. The Outlander has taken pride in reporting up-to-date school, local, and national events. 

Woodgrove’s school newspaper started as a magazine-style booklet and changed to a classic newspaper in May of 2012.  The first ever editors-in-chief were Florence Thompson and Riley Webster. A signature part of The Outlander is the puzzle, game, or advice on the back cover. This has been a staple since 2012, but the first two years of print featured a staff playlist based on holidays or events throughout the year.

From day one The Outlander has reported on current events in a readable, engaging way. The rivalry between Woodgrove and Loudoun Valley High School has been covered and analyzed since the beginning. Other big school successes, extracurricular or academic, have headlined every year. School sporting events, national headlines, local news, and engaging features are still a key part of The Outlander’s every issue.

The cover of the latest edition of the Woodgrove Outlander. (Ali Elliott)
The cover of the second edition of The Woodgrove Outlander (Ali Elliott)